A Fairy Tale Feat


bistroWhen I decided to create a food blog, I didn’t have any goals in mind.  It was simply a hobby.  I like cooking, and thought it would be a creative way to share recipes with friends.  It would also challenge me to think beyond what’s in the fridge when planning meals.  So I cooked and created, then wrote about it.  And then something unimaginable happened.  I got an email from Foodista saying that Once Upon A Tine was going to be featured as the Food Blog of the Day today!   Surprise…Excitement…Panic!  People are actually reading my blog.  I need to make it interesting when people visit my site.  I need a strategy.  Things just got serious.  This hobby is work.

Recently, I came across an article by Adam Roberts, “10 Food Blog Posts That’ll Get You Traffic”, which listed ideas for creating compelling content.   Eureka!  I was inspired by #5 on the list – eat your way/cook your way through something challenge. (A la “Julie & Julia”, that Meryl Streep movie about a woman who took on a challenge to cook all the recipes in Julia Child’s first cookbook) I will attempt to accomplish a fairy tale feat by creating a fairy tale feast50 fairy tale inspired dishes.  Not necessarily Iron Chef material, but it’s something.  It ties in nicely to the theme of the site, and it’s fascinating subject matter.  In fact, you may recall my earlier post, “Food and Fairy Tales”.   I’ve searched for fairy tale recipes in the past, and most of recipes that I have found are made for toddler taste buds.  I want create whimsical dishes that can be enjoyed by adults.  Mind you, I’m not into carving cutesy food animals out of vegetables.  The point is not for the dish to look like the fairy tale.  I want the tale to be reflected in the recipe itself.  My focus will be on any food mentioned in the story, the characters’ personalities, setting, and cultural cuisine.

That’s the story behind the fairy tale feasts that I will periodically post.  It’s also the beginning of my food blog love affair with The Amateur Gourmet a.k.a. Adam Roberts.  I absolutely adore his food blog and highly recommend it.  It’s my second favorite food blog – the first, of course, being my own.  But enough about that, go read my blog, and check out some of the fairy tale feasts below.

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